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All PC components integrated into a keyboard. Keyboard = PC
Saving space and being one of the furniture at your surroundings
Built-in speakers for remarkable sound experience
Energy saving with Intel Atom CPU inside

Keyboard = PC
Cross PC integrated all the PC components into a full-size keyboard. Keyboard = PC, a new era has started.
Full-size Keyboard
Comfortable typing is assured by full-sized keyboard. Wide key space facilitates swift and accurate key strokes.

Easy Installation
Just connect the power, mouse and monitor port, a PC is ready for you.
Burglarproof Design
Specially designed to keep your clutter cables hidden, so that you can have more desk space; screw on the sides to make sure all the cords are locked and secured.

Space Saving
Full functional integration of Cross PC U310 with only 3cm thickness and 46cm length can perfectly save the space and become one of furniture at home.
Built-in Speakers
Built-in speakers for remarkable sound experience.

Energy Saving
With Intel Atom processor, the whole power consumption is 17.5w or less. That is one tenth about the traditional desktop PC.
Cross PC U310 exclusive features: light, multifunctional, entertainment and convenient. Overall usage in the living room, bedroom, or office. Cross PC U310 perfectly fits your needs.

Wireless Connection(Optional)
High speed internet wireless connection for indoor mobility and relaxed entertainment.
Flexible connectivity that allows you to sync in fun and work.

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